About Maple Street Concerts

Maple Street Concerts present our concerts in an all wood, American Gothic style chapel built in the 1870s that is on the National Registry of Historic Places. With an exciting line up of internationally known folk artists and the superior acoustics built into the architecture you have to come hear for yourself. The concert series helps bring funds in to maintain and preserve the historic Chapel; we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, part of the Maple Street Chapel Preservation Society, Inc., with an all volunteer staff. 

Location: We are located on the SW corner of Main & Maple Streets. Our address is 200 S Main St. In general, the shared community/ medical lot (across the street to the north) can be used for parking (130 S Main Street): heed the signage. Or there is off-street parking, etc.

Contact: Our unmanned info line (where you can also leave a message) is: 630-627-0171. This is generally checked once daily. Faster replies via email to MapleStreetConcerts (at) gmail (dot) com [but formatted properly].

Parking: Updated 6/5/2023: The closest lot is ACROSS Maple Street from the Chapel, on the northwest corner of Main and Maple Streets (130 S. Main Street). This is a combined community lot and is available and convenient for almost all concerts. The library is VACANT (it moved in April 2023) and thus spots dedicated for it should be available. The Health Center closes at 3:30pm on weekends (and 7:30pm on weeknights). Please adhere to posted signs regarding restricted usage. It is a shared Health Center/ Library/ and community lot. 
There is also a small lot west of the Chapel by the Historical Society. (23 W. Maple Street). Again, check posted signs for restricted usage. 

There is some parking off the street on Maple (by the now vacant library). 
Parking is available in the First Church of Lombard main lot. For access from Main Street, turn into the main First Church entrance south of the church building and north of Chang's Hapkido. Alternately, access can be obtained via Ash Street (1 block south of Maple St). The church is unlikely to be open, thus, you'll have to east through the parking lot between the Church and Chang's Hapkido (toward Main Street). Head north on the sidewalk to the Chapel. Use the northwest door on Maple Street for entrance to the Chapel.